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Beginning Race-Culture question

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In RPGs I like to play with northern Native American - style characters.


i began my first playthrough of this game with a Meadow Folk - Ixamitl plains Ranger character, but during the first hour of play I noticed that Dyrwoodan otufits looked a lot like Native American ones, so I decided to start over with a Dyrwoodan character.

Since there is no Dyrwood origin, I had to pick Aedyr culture, but soon I found out that various characters see me as some Imperialistic ****, Dyrwoodans aren't wild at all (I'm still in Valdoro tho), and the closest thing to Native Americans are the Glanfathans, but they are made up of Elves and orlans primarly, not humans, also there doesn't seem to be a starting culture for them.


Since I don't wanna start over 100 times, do you have any ideas about which race/culture should I pick?

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You can always do an orlan with slave background and role play you were stolen from the dyrwood area from the Glanfathans tribes which fits in nice with the game because there has been an issue with orlan slave trade in this area. There are some nice prejudiced conversations if you are orlan in the game. Including if you just talk with random npcs who are commoners. Even some companions get in on the racism. 

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Yup all my Orlans have slave background works nicely. Except the lack of nice portraits for Orlans is a pain.

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Dyrwoodan clothes look native american? :huh:


This one: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Dyrwoodan_Clothing 

The image on that page looks different from the one ingame I found (right at the beginning) tho, prehaps there are multiple variants.

It looks like this: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/File:Cloth_outfit_dyrwoodan_fur_icon.png




I may do an Orlans, even tho I don't like to play with short races. What about Wood Elves? Is their background any good for my purpose?

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Glanfathans tribes are made of more than orlans there are wood elves and dwarves at least.  http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Glanfathan So you can role similar concept with other race. There are other backgrounds i think you can make work. Hunter, Drifter, Explorer, Mystic. I think you can fill in the rest of the back story with these cultures for instance drifter has on orphan track so you can fill in why you are an orphan ie colonists, war, disease, etc or hunter has a wilderness track, or explorer has a frontier track or mystic has a vision track. If you are not into the look of wood elves you can do a godlike wood elf so you get the size but not the look.

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