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Additional Rules and Undocumented Features

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The current "Nouveau salvage" system probably has a similar formula that I haven't had a chance to nail down yet, and cards are valued from 0-11 Gold when you sell them back at the end of the game.

So far as I can tell from some very brief testing, the new salvage system is based only on deck number and rarity as follows:


1 + deck number + rarity


where deck number = 0 for B and C cards and,


Common (standard black border) = 0

Uncommon (pink? border) = 1

Rare (blue border) = 2

Epic (purple border) = 3

Legendary (gold border) = 5

Not sure about the white bordered special cards, I'd guess they count as Epics but I haven't checked.

Cards with the "repair" icon are always worth 0 regardless of any of the above.

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Yup.  That pretty much seems to be the case.  

The following is correct for every treasure card (aside from promos or adventure reward cards):

Salvage = 0 (B)    + 	1 (Common)
	  1 (AD1)    	2 (Uncommon)
	  2 (AD2)	3 (Rare)	
	  3 (AD3)	4 (Epic)
	  4 (AD4)	5 (Legendary)
	  5 (AD5)
	  6 (AD6)
Regular campaign cards seem to generally follow that as well, and since they are common cards, I think you can expect:

Salvage = Adventure Deck + 1


The notable exception being the zero-value salvage cards.  Since I don't think the game is calculating salvage on-the-fly, I think they're just set to zero regardless of any formula.

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wooowww, no response after one month? i hope i didnt´insult anyone,


One question:


I have seen that several wild cards have the same name btu different power, for example you must play with 1 less card in hand or 2, 3, . Which is the formula for this effect?

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