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[1.1.3] Sajan's Dodge STILL doesn't work against Enchanter's second attack

Saint Ajora


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I finally got Sajan to Level 33 and what do you know? He Encounters the Enchanter and fails to dodge the second (Force) damage from the Enchanter.


you can see screenies here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5eiwd4yxhzfrmk0/AAD_fjQcrMKJweymBrL6pn6Fa?dl=0


The first screenie shows the "Discard 1" prompt, the second shows Sajan playing Leather Armour of Fire Resistance (not the option to Recharge, which must mean that it is Combat Damage!), the third shows the Armour successfully Recharging.

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I had even created a topic on this subject from previous patches.


And the problem still exists.


There is no excuse for this.


I believe that the reason is because the damage is classified as Combat Damage rather than Force damage. Would it be worth updating the title of your post to reflect that?

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