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Obsidian artists recreate Mos Eisley in UE4


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Don't get too excited, interview says it's a personal project of 17 people, but it looks wonderful. Read the article and scroll to the bottom for download links.

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I feel like the overly aggressive sharpening filter really ruins those pictures, to be honest.


EDIT: That is to say, I really like them outside of the sharpening and feel like they're great fan art, but I really wish I could enjoy them without the filter, it does them no favors. Hopefully that sounds less whiny.

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I'm sorry to say that i'm utterly uninterested in Star Wars without a unique twist such as Mr Avellone brought with his examination and deconstruction of the Force. Of course that is not to denigrate the developers currently at Obsidian, I think they are mostly very talented and may be able to pull something out of the bag which is just as interesting as The Sith Triumvirate, however lately Obsidian seem to be aiming for safe solutions instead of ambitious ones and these are failing to blow my skirt up, as our colonial cousins might say.

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People seem to always forget that Google Drive is not really a dedicated filesharer - they're O.K. with documents being viewed/downloaded by many, but it seems like whenever anything else that becomes a popular download gets put on there, Google's systems inevitably restrict access.

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