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Each of the icons "green star," orange trash can, red arrow, etc. Represent turn phases. They're not so much buttons as indicators of what phase of the turn you're in.


The "checkmark" button above certain bosses and monsters is a button that appears whenever you're encountering a monster that takes TWO or more checks to defeat. Whenever that happens, you are always allowed to "pass" one of the two (or more) checks to another character at the location. So if Lem encounters such a boss while Valeros is around, Lem can attempt one of the checks while Valeros attemps the other one.

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Yes.  And the Trash Can can be used to do optional discards as well.


Before pressing the big blue "End of Turn" arrow, tap the trash can, and you can can dump cards before you reset your hand and end your turn.


It seems with the latest patch that pressing the trash can bypasses the end of turn options (like Harsk's Scout Ahead ability).

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