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Meta: AD4 still on track for September?

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What I want to know is, is AD4 still on track for the devs building a time machine and releasing it three months ago in June? I think this is a totally reasonable thing for me to feel completely entitled to and I will rage at the devs if they don't break the space/time continuum and do it literally yesterday.

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Can't any of you read?


It says right there in the app that AD4 is coming in July. That's only eleven months away from now - just be patient!


Its nice to see someone here still has a sense of humor about things.


That, or you're all loopy from torch fumes and pitchfork oil.  Speaking of that, the angry mob's been pretty quiet the last couple days...

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Hi Developers,


Please let us know if AD4 is still to be released this month. Also please let us know if there are any potential problems which might delay its release again. 4 months for new content is, honestly, a long time to wait.



Just Kidding.


Love you guys!



Ha ha. Very funny. TBH, people like you are part of the problem.

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