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After playing around with the NWN 1 Enhanced I need to bump this... so badly. I forgot how much I missed this game, the multiplayer and the building. I just walked around in a module (for a planned PW) I started building years ago and gave up after the Gamespy shutdown killed the last hope for getting players interested. It totally needs an enhanced edition, heck, just a bugfix Edition and reenabled multiplayer would be worth $20 to me. Please please please consider it, beloved favorite developer of all time, I'd be willing to kiss your feet even if you just gave the code to Beamdog or whoever is willing. ;(

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I already own NWN2 on GOG. I really love it, but if given the option I would buy a remastered version of this in a heart beat.

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The multiplayer does still work but you either need to direct connect or connect from your server history tab. You can also use the Skywing client extender which is recommended to reduce walk animation stuttering, the extension uses a new master server list. Beamdog also uses a new master server list for NWN EE which seems like it was made with the technology for the replacement list. In essence it functions equivalent to the list already available but is a separate list, some servers even broadcasted to both lists simultaneously.


The conclusion is that technically NWN2 already has a restored multiplayer but it's one that you can't pay extra money to use, but you can donate to the maintenance if you really want to pay someone.


The other argument is that a re-release would breath new life into the game by drawing new and old interest to it. This is somewhat true but it looks like for persistent worlds more people still play the old NWN rather than the enhanced one. There are various reasons for that but eventually servers will most likely all switch over, yet the total extra players seems to be somewhere around only 10% to 30% more than before the remaster got released. Most of the NWN EE players were already playing the old one but now they're divided into two halves. I think that's the best estimation for how much an NWN2 re-release will actually improve the multiplayer community.


My final conclusion is that a remake or re-release would be good for the NWN2 community and there are definitely some bugs and performance issues to fix but it shouldn't be a factor stopping you from enjoying the game or modding a server for it right now.

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On 9/5/2016 at 10:41 AM, Guard Dog said:

Well... my Steam library looks like that. My laptop doesn't even have a DVD ROM. 

Lol, I didn't even know that my HP Omen had DVD Rom for over a year. lol

I didn't think they came with them. Anyway, I don't use disc anymore for anything, that I can get online. All my bluerays and DVDs are just gathering dust. 

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I still think it would be beneficial if somebody would put together a modding guide for the OC. There's quite a few mods, graphics enhancements, and patch fixes available, but nobody has put together a play through setup with every worthwhile enhancement thrown in.

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I'd love a NWN2 remaster. It's been one of my favourite games since I first played it in 2007/08. Not being a modder, I'd love to see the OC reworked - some of the the planned cut content reinserted,  Act 3 given more love, perhaps some extra missions and side quests. 

I know it won't happen. :(  The original voice actors couldn't be brought back for the two expansions for contractual reasons, so it seems as if there's no chance of it happening ten years down the line. Plus, I think the kind of improvements I like are the ones that are most expensive to implement. 

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