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Quest mode crashing





My quest mode is stuck in the process of a boss fight. Each time the die roll it crashes the game completely back to my iPad home screen. When I go back into the game it resumes at the beginning of the die roll and it all starts over again.


I can still play story mode fine, but quest mode is stuck at that point and keeps on crashing.


I'm fighting Barl Breakbones in the apothecary on tier 3. I'm playing on an iPad Air 2 and haven't experienced an crashes prior to this, but am now unable to play quest mode at all due to this.

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How do I unlock my quest mode?

If I delete the app and then reinstall will I lose anything in terms of purchases, character progress, campaign progress?

Stuff that is stored in the cloud and will come back on reinstall:

- Gold, Treasure Chests, Treasure Cards, Dice

- IAPs like Purchased Characters, Adventure Decks, or the RoTR Bundle

- Campaign Saves, Campaign Characters, Quest Characters

- Conquests (i.e. max difficulty you've ever completed a scenario on for Achievements and stuff)


Stuff that isn't:

- Quest Mode Save

- Game Preferences


Assuming you've recently synced up with the "cloud," deleting the app and reinstalling might be just the fix you're looking for.  Currently there's no other way to delete a flaky Quest Save.

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