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I want to make my MC a paladin, probably a tank/buff, but I'd do DPS too.


But I keep reading that it's a waste to do that as the MC since faith and conviction (I think) is busted for the MC but not the NPCs.


Generally I like to craft/talk as much as possible, and I plan to use the game NPCs as party members rather than hiring a bunch of player-made ones.


I liked the idea of the 's on fire' build, but I'd be equally happy to run something else.




Played through the 1.X version of the game in 2015, bought the DLC yesterday so I'm starting my first 3.X run today. Plan to make a full play through vanilla + WM1 and WM2. In my first play I ran a ranged rogue.


My question, if it wasn't clear: Is making a MC paladin in normal a waste, due to a broken talent? Should I instead play a different tank or buff character?

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What thread did you read that in? Don't know what the problem with it would be, Faith and Conviction on the MC can give a bigger bonus than on NPCs. Base is +4 Deflection, +8 for other defenses in both cases. For NPCs it increases with +2 per 5 levels, so it tops out at +7 / +14. For the MC it scales depending on the sum of ranks of the two favoured minus the sum of ranks of disfavoured dispositions (capped at 3!). So this sum S ranges from -6 to 6, giving a multiplier M = 1+S/5, and the bonuses are +4 * M / +8 * M (rounded down!). So for positive S the bonuses are:


S=1: +4/+9

S=2: +5/+11

S=3: +6/+12

S=4: +7/+14

S=5: +8/+16

S=6: +8/+17


So at a combined favoured disposition rank of 4 (again, actual individual rank of 4 counts as 3 here) you get the same bonus as a level 15 NPC paladin, and you can get an extra +1 / +3 if you get both your favoured dispositions to at least 3. Obviously for the MC you do need to avoid the disfavoured dispositions, but that isn't prohibitively difficult (especially if you turn on the "show disposition in dialogue" option). And it adds a nice extra incentive to RP properly and stick to the approach of things your order of paladin or priest is supposed to have.


Anyway, nothing wrong with Faith and Conviction, and making an MC paladin is certainly not a waste. 

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Being the MC is actually the best thing for a paladin - as long as you choose the right answers in dialogues that match with your order's dispositions. For example a Bleak Walker should try to always choose aggressive or cruel answers, but never benevolent or diplomatic ones. Then his defenses will be better than that of a NPC paladin of the same level with the same skills.

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Although you might want to focus on per, int and Res for best roleplay (dialogue-options). Perhaps also a bit mig.... If you want to threaten people, that is

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Although you might want to focus on per, int and Res for best roleplay (dialogue-options). Perhaps also a bit mig.... If you want to threaten people, that is

You don't necessarily need high Might to get aggressive disposition points, if you start fights with people at the drop of a hat you also get it quite easily (I played a 10 Might Bleak Walker recently for a sizeable chunk of the game).


I think my favourite thing I did with that Bleak Walker to earn aggressive disposition was Something Secret - I was strong enough for the usual picking Gordy up and slamming him in the ground, so I had to play a different tact. I went and killed Two-Tone Wexel and his crew for the March Steel dagger - initiating it through dialogue to get the aggresive rep, but then as I already had the Oaken Scarab Figurine I went for the dialogue option where I told Gordy his father didn't love his mother anymore. Just the whole pointlessness of it all, killing a bunch of people for no reason then telling a kid his dad was a poon-hound, felt extremely rewarding.

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