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Lost 2 chests - Froze when opening



When I went to open some chests the chest animation "froze" and did not open all the way. The animation of opening was stuck in a loop with the beam of light coming out from the lock, but never progressed further. I back out of the store and went back in and I lost 2 chests. I killed the game and restarted and went back in, both chests were still gone, but I was able to open up another one.


Nexus 5x - Android N Beta

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Hey firestormkirby,


Looking into your account, the chests opened up correctly and added the cards to your vault. just the animation bugged out.


Last 2 chest you opened:


Chest 1

Blessing of Sivanah

Venomous Dart +2

Wounding Spear Axe +1

Favor of Shelyn


Chest 2

Kohl of Uncanny Discernment

Superior Leather Armor

Shortsword +3

Frost Battleaxe +1



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There has been cases where animation get stuck, but cards appear to the vault. Have you checked out your cards if you have got cards or not? In the later case contact dev, but in previous cases with same problem it has been only the animation problem and card has been added to the vault.

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