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What are the good Soul Bound items?


What's the way to boost them the best? Enchant or soul? 


Anything good for a Cypher (ranged) ?


Right now Aloth has the basic soul bound items.... it seems ''fine or superb items'' are better stats for the rest of the character. So I gave Aloth the SoulBound rod you find early act2.... cause he owns with spells

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Some of the unique soulbound weapons have truly unique features. St. Ydwen's Redeemer for example has a 25% chance per hit to destroy vessels - diesn't matter how many endurance there's left. Only thing is you have to be of equal or higher level than the enemy - else it "only" does a huge amount of raw damage. So this may be a circumstacial weapon, but PoE (at least on PotD difficulty) is a game where it's better to change weapons according to the encounter/type of enemy. So this weapon is best against vessels. This special effect also works with barb's carnage AoE hits, which means that a barb can obliterate a mob of vessels in no time.


Stormcaller causes -6 shock DR on the target for quite some time while doing shock damage itself. That alone is very strong, but it also procs some spells, depending on you class. Rangers for example have the chance to trigger Returning Storm per hit, ciphers can trigger Soul Shock and so on. 


The Unlabored Blade has a chance to tigger Firebug per hit, which is a very powerful, high lvl druid spell. 


And there are also soulbound weapons which are only ok, but not as powerful as fully enchanted "normal" weapons. But you need to have the resources for enchanting weapeon, whereas soulblund weapons unlock themselves while doing special tasks with them - without resources.  

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The redeemer is probably the only one I find useful and basically the only one I use.


The other one would be storm caller. Storm caller is super powerful at early levels but I reckon borresain legendary enchanted wielded by a ranger with twin arrows and driving flight would probably be just as good or even better.


The unlabored blade is useless. I just finished my latest play through with a cipher using the unlabored blade and I honestly never noticed it go off. Don't use it it use useless. Maybe barbs can make better use of it via carnage but I do t think it would be worth it.


Abydons hammer AOE stun is insanely powerful, especially if used by a character with high intelligence. Give abydons hammer to a priest with minor avatar and you probably will have the most powerful build in the game. Maybe a fully buffed wizard could beat it.

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Hm, why Borresaine? It has draining and stuns on crit (what stunning shots do on hit already).Those seem to be pretty useless enchantments for a ranger.

The best bow dps wise should be Persistence - and it's especially good for a ranger's animal companion with Predator's Sense, too. The wounding enchantment not only triggers Predator's Sense, but also that raw damage lash gets calculated based on the damage you do before DR gets substracted. That's a huge thing. MIG also raises the wounding damage it does. And the best of it all: wounding stacks (you can only see that when you look at the red numbers popping out of a target's head). So I'd say there's nothing comparable to Persistence when it comes to single target damage with a bow. You can also enchant it a lot because the wounding and reliablity enchantments don't use up too many points.


Stormcaller's best feature (besides triggering Returning Storm now and then) is it's -6 shock DR while dealing shock damage and the fact that Heart of the Storm works with it. Together with Penetrating Shot and Heart of the Storm you will hit with 11 DR bypass (while also helping your teammates who do shock damage) and +20% weapon damage and +20% Returning Storm damage. On top comes the fact that it has two damage types (shock/pierce) which makes it even more valuable. Heart of the Storm also raises the pierce damage by the way - don't ask me why. :)


I don't know if this is better than a legendary Borresaine but you don't need any resources to get it up to superb and you can take those creature parts and enchant something else instead - which combined my be more powerful than enchanting another bow.


The Unlabored Blade, when fully upgraded, is mythic (=even better than legendary), doesn't need any resources for that and is also speed enchanted. Even if Firebug doesn't proc at all it's still one of the best weapons in the game. Plus you get two spell bindings. You could argue that a fully enchanted Drawn in Spring is better - but if you like daggers anyway you can just dual wield them both with Flick of the Wrist and be very happy. ;)


Abydon's Hammer on a priest is truly great. Not only for melee, but also as a tool for raising the damage of Holy Radiance (as MC you can one-shot most vessels with it in a huge AoE and also severely damage Eyeless) and Shining Beacon. With Champion's Boon, Maegfolc Skull and Abydon's Hammer you will have +18 MIG. Add some food and resting bonus and you can have +24 MIG on top of your (hopefully maxed) MIG. So let's say dwarf or aumua priest with 21 MIG will be at 46. Then cast Shining Beacon plus Cleansing Flame and watch what happens. ;)

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