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just got Seelah and she is really great saving literally my life (in turns :) ), cause the new patch increased my normal crew to 4.

Now, because I m quite new, I really need an expert help to have a good build for her to progress in the Story.


I'm adding point to Strength to make her more self-sufficient in combat (then I think Wisdom).

Then, an additional card for Spell. I'm using a Burglar for Traps. And for the first Power I have an hard decision between 5 cards Hand Size or the electrifying Improved Inspired Grace. What do you think? :)


Thanks in advance

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Spell recharge is a must..after that she pretty much kickass as discarding that cure is really one of the few things that can kill her.


My thoughts

1. Wisdom first for consistent recharge..till you think its enough then switch to STR ( mine is full wisdom for closure and some Traps )

2. I think 2 spell is enough ( 2 cure should be safe, if you really fear traps..1 cure/ 1 find trap

3. I added blessing so i can discard/recharge more consistently..Seelah really only needs a weapon in hand and she's good to go. Adding a blessing for me means when you get to 5 or 6 hand size, you can be more aggressive for the divine bonus as you'll end up most of the time low on cards in deck but all of em would be blessings and you end up on boosting and recharging every roll.

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As long as your Inspired Grace doesn't send your one Cure to the discard, Seelah can abuse it all game long on all her rolls. So the upgrade to keep your spells is important. Also, remember that recharging means putting the card on the bottom of the deck, so if you see your Cure going down there, you know exactly how many cards you need to go through before drawing it. If you keep count, you can know when it's back on top and avoid using Inspired Grace until you've drawn it.


Her Inspired Grace is amazingly powerful, adding a large bonus to everything. The only drawback is that it might discard a card from your deck, but that's very rarely an issue. As long as you don't get damaged to death, having fewer cards in the deck is not a bad thing. As soon as you have a weapon in hand (and possibly a good armor), you won't care if you send your equipment to the discard. In fact it's a good thing because you'd rather draw a card that gives you bonus explorations (or a spell) rather than a weapon or armor you don't need. Losing allies isn't a good thing since drawing them is never bad, but it's not much of an issue either, it just means you'll draw a Blessing instead. The only real risk is to waste a good spell, but that's why you take the upgrade to save those.


Having a larger hand size is an important bonus to take because 4 cards is really not a lot, and more cards in hand helps a lot to cycle your deck in order to find that first weapon she's going to need. And then it helps casting those sweet Divine spells more often. I'm not entirely sure if it's better to increase the hand size or the bonus to Inspired Grace first. If you find Seelah has trouble getting her first weapon (because until you do, abusing Inspired Grace makes it likely you'll end up discarding all your weapon which would be very bad) and her spells don't cycle enough back to her hand, a bigger hand size is the solution.


And there's her third power, the Ceaseless Crusade. At first I thought that Crusade was bad, or at least very limited. You want to encounter boons rather than banes! But in practice, it's amazingly useful. Once you have a good deck, there are very few boons that you really need to acquire. Sending all the others to the bottom of the pile to get to the boss faster saves you a ton of time, which is extremely important for large groups. If it is one of these rare boons you have to get, just decide not to close the Location and keep working through the deck (or bring in Meri to Evade something to shuffle the deck), you have effectively scouted a good boon so you can focus your effort on working through the deck with the right character and right gear to grab it without fail. And if Crusade doesn't hide a boon, that means it has successfully scouted a bane. Knowing what you're going to face in advance is extremely useful, making sure you can bring the right person for the job (like calling in Meri if you've found a Barrier that really requires some Disable) but even more importantly spotting the Villain. Once you know where he is and that you can encounter him immediately, you only need to send one character in each other open location to be ready to close them, you don't even have to try to explore them. It means you're ready to win the scenario as soon as you've closed 2 locations.


And Ceaseless Crusade gives you twice the exploration and boon skipping/scouting. Then with the upgraded Precise Crusade, you don't even have to scour the entire location deck for that occasional important boon, you can put it under the top card and ready to be grabbed by the right adventurer.


So... all of Seelah's powers are very good. Which ones you should get depend mostly on your playstyle.




As for Skill and Card feats, that's also very variable. Many Divine spells don't require much to be recharged and Seelah can use Inspired Grace to boost her recharge to Kyra's level, so you don't need to boost Wisdom, even if it's a good choice (especially if you get as many spell slots as you can and grab high level spells). For cards, I would advise getting as many spells as you can, because the more spells & blessing in your deck the more Inspired Grace is used for free and Divine spells are awesome (and 1 base spell is really low), but blessings are similarly awesome. And since Allies tend to be discarded before you get to draw them, more slot for them might be good if you want to rely on them.


So yeah.





In the end, I very strongly recommend getting the spell recharge power and a spell card slot first, and putting your first skill points either in Strength or Wisdom. After that, it's much more open. Personally, I'd improve Inspired Grace and the hand size (order depending one what limiting her in my experience), while piling on yet more spell card slots.

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