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Quest mode bugs with 2 different 'after X roll 1dY and take Z damage'



iPad Air 2


Quest mode

Hardest difficulty

Party tier 1

Scenario power: difficulty of banes +3

Wildcard 1: after defeat (or is it encounter?) a monster, roll 1d6. If you roll a 1 take 1 fire damage

Wildcard 2: after defeat (or is it encounter?) a barrier, roll 1d4. If you roll a 1 take 2 ranged combat damage.


6 man team

Seoni was alone at Prison (or Jail?) location.

Encountered monster in the closet barrier (wisdom check, then summon goblin raider)

I played some blessings from characters at other locations to pass the wisdom check.

Then, the 1d4 rolled due to the barrier wildcard trait

I rolled something that's not a 1

I'm not sure if I ever got the option to confirm summoning the goblin raider henchman

The goblin raided henchman appeared

The game immediately rolled another 1d4 for some reason. i think the text at the bottom said the usual 'if you roll a 1 take 2 ranged combat damage' thing.

Then, it showed a combat check for seoni with the goblin raider henchman, the game auto-rolled the dice (for seoni, a 1d4 strength check), and I had to take 7 damage, wiping my hand.

Then, it basically restarted the combat check, now that my hand was wiped.

From here, I played even more blessings and bows (from chars at other locations) to beat the goblin raider anyway.

Then it rolled 1d6 to check for fire damage

Then the game got stuck - no option to proceed with the scenario other than forfeit.


I am not sure if the wildcard powers are messed up, or if this is a specific interaction with monster in the closet barrier, or maybe a more generic problem with summoned monsters and these wildcard powers.

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I already forfeited this game. Although my current quest mode party is stuck in another progression break.


There is a wildcard to add 2d4 against goblin difficulty.

The villain Gogmurt also deals 1d4-1 damage before combat.

When encountering him, the game rolls for the increased difficulty and then gets stuck, it never rolls for the 1d4-1 Fire damage.


Screenshots attached with my pathfinder ID and the broken game state.




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Is in the list of the known bugs, I usually forfeit quests instantly when there are goblin villain/henchmen and that power comes up. Not worth the frustration when you almost complete a quest and then have to forfeit due to the bug :(

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