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[3.03 Beta] Gyrd Haewanes Stenes dominating does not proc



It is hard to prove this but I went 2 or 3 hours of using the GHS and the dominating effect did not happen once(tooltip still reads 0/15).  I force upgraded it using the console and it still has yet to trigger as far as I have noticed.  I am using it on my pc priest. It's possible I could just be incredibly unlucky but I must have at least 100 auto attacks by now since it was upgraded high enough to work and I am not seeing anything.

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Agreed, I just tried it with an old save (against some Justiciars, those shouldn't be immune), no joy. I actually do get "Aloth activates Dominate" messages in the log, but no corresponding attack vs Will rolls or actual Domination. And that's even with Perception set to 100, so it's not like it's just missing.

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