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Bug: After character death in Quest, character gains XP but not feats/etc



Summary: After starting a quest, one character died before the party completed the quest. Both characters received XP (up to level 3), but only one received feats. When I continued to a second quest with that party, both character survived and received enough XP to level up again, but the previously-dead character never received the benefits for attaining level 2 and 3.



Device - Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime*

OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Mode: Quest, NO permadeath or pass & play

Characters: Ezren and Kyra

Difficulty: Easy


I started a new party in quest mode with Ezren and Kyra. In the first adventure (easy), Kyra died shortly before completing the quest. Both characters received enough XP to get to level 3, but only Ezren received the Skill Feat and Card Reward.


I started a second quest with the two, again on easy. I finished this quest with both surviving, and they received enough XP to get to 4th level. Both received an Ally, but Kyra never received the Skill Feat for level 2. In the character sheet view in the Character selection screen, the Completion tab shows that she is level 4, but the Skills tab reflects that she never received a Skill Feat.


I assume the fix is either (a) she should not have received the XP or (b) she should receive the benefits of leveling up, either at the end of the adventure or at some point in the future.


*FYI, the app runs very well on this modestly large phone, although some icons are small and difficult to accurately touch. E.g. the 'x' for the loss of internet connection message.

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I created an account solely to talk about this issue, so I'm happy someone else is also reporting it.


Right now, if a character is dead in quest mode but your party wins, that character does not get any "checkbox" rewards. This basically means you've got to forfeit if you think you're close to such a level, or it means you've got to trash and relevel the character. I thought 1.0.3 was going to solve this issue, but it apparently only works in Story mode.


I've played a lot of quest mode, and the behavior I'd like to see is "all living characters get XP / rewards whether they win or lose the scenario". I could live with "all characters get XP and non-card awards if they win the scenario", or "no XP to dead characters on a win". (The quest mode experience level amounts are also insanely high past level 15 or so, to the point where it's non-fun grinding, but that's a different issue.)

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