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[CLASS BUILD] The Trashman (3.03 Single Axe Barbarian)

Class Build Barbarian

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PotD, Full party. Not fully tested yet.


The Trashman is pretty much...for clearing "trash mobs". Cleaving through groups of the various run of the mill monsters and bad guys that are in no short supply. He does this in particularly barbarian-like fashion - with an Axe!


Named after Frank's wrestling pseudonym in 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. Short, hairy, ornery... kind of like an Orlan Barbarian?



This character takes advantage of several changes in the 3.03 beta, which I've noted in bold below.



This is not the most durable character to have on the front line, but it's an interesting alternative to the usual Tall Grass/Tidefall/Forgemaster's barbarian that I've stuck to. Luckily there are some items to take good advantage of a lower deflection frontliner. I also like the concept of a one handed weapon w/no shield, and axes in particular, it's just never been particularly appealing as a weapon choice in Pillars... until now.


The damage output is actually pretty high due to annihilation, and as a crit-build, it doesn't actually rely too much on high accuracy. I considered a Rogue We Toki build in light of these changes but this just felt like the better way to go and takes advantage of more new stuff. I'm really enjoy Heart of Fury as Per-Encounter with this build, I must say - with We Toki it's almost like your Barbarian has Slicken Spell Mastery.



Relative to a two hander build, this is less flexible and lower survivability. I can't sell it as some kind of new amazing build. Knight / One Handed simply doesn't cover as many great weapons(and no reach weapon to hide behind tankier melee), and We Toki is accessed in Act III vs. Act II. Edge of Reason gives you an almost-Tidefall option but is also acquired later. But it gets points for style, I think, combines disables with damage a bit better than anything else(although...Hours of Saint Rumbalt has prone and annihilation too...dammit), and I enjoy the animation far more than watching my barbarian prod things with a pike for carnage.





Anyway, here's the build -






Race: Hearth Orlan - Highly recommend over anything else.


  • 15 Might
  • 10 Constitution
  • 10 Dexterity
  • 20 Perception
  • 15 Intellect
  • 8 Resolve

~You can min/max further, to taste. Perception doesn't necessarily have to be this high, you're turning many hits into crits anyway - the +interrupt is still nice though.


Abilities(Odd numbers) and Talents(Even numbers):


  1. Barbaric Yell
  2. One Handed Style - Now converts 15% of hits to crits as of 3.03
  3. Savage Defiance
  4. Apprentice's Sneak Attack
  5. One Stands Alone - Now only requires nearby enemies, as opposed to engaged enemies
  6. Savage Attack
  7. Frenzy
  8. Accurate Carnage
  9. Threatening Presence
  10. Weapon Focus: Knight
  11. Heart of Fury - Now Per Encounter
  12. Stalwart Defiance
  13. Dragon Leap
  14. Interrupting Blows
  15. Echoing Shout - Now foe-only
  16. Beast Slayer, or Bloody Slaughter



Skills: Survival 12 is great for rank II of accuracy/flank damage




  • Weapon Set 1: We Toki
  • Weapon Set 2: Edge of Reason
  • Armor: Aloth's Leather Armor
  • Belt: Binding Rope
  • Gloves: Gauntlets of Swift Action (or Pilferer's Grip if you don't have it)
  • Boots: Shod-In-Faith
  • Rings: Ring of Protection, Ring of Thorns
  • Neck: Swaddling Sheet
  • Head: Garodh's Chorus (or Maegfolc Skull)


Surprisingly one of my fav builds, my only annoyance with barbs is Frenzy and Shout isn't instant; hard to feel like a front liner when you're pausing twice as you run in.




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True. But at least shouts have no recovery anymore.

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