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[quest] Gogmurt + d4 difficulty for goblins bug



Started a new fresh quest group, second scenario that I play I got Gogmurt as the villain, with the special scenario rule that goblins get +1D4 difficulty.


It worked fine against random gobs, but when encountering the boss for the first time in this scenario with kyra, I got the random roll to add to the difficulty, and then nothing, I could still navigate the interface, but I was not proposed any check to defeat the boss nor could I end the turn.


I trying quitting the game and reloading, but I then I got to roll the random difficulty again and ends the same, so I had to forfeit.


In the first scenario that I played with this new group it was also against him and it worked fine, so I suspect it's the +d4 difficulty for goblins combined with his double encounter profile that are probably the source of the problem.

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