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checks before combat



I am using an LG G4, Andriod version 6.0.


I am currently using Lem, Val, Kyra, Sajan (in that order)


Lem was at Shrine to lamashtu with Sajan, and encountered the Hook mountain hag


On the card it says "Before you act, succeed at Arcane or divine to use attack spells" 


However, it's never given me the opportunity to make the check, and just has me fail.


(I've also seen this with the goblin warchanter)

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It might be the new method of handling situations like this which is a bit confusing.


It puts a lock on cards that you can't use WITHOUT making the check. You choose the activate the card and then it will make the check.


Did you actually try to use a spell or did you just see the chains around the card and assume you couldn't use them?  (That's what I thought with the Warchanter.)

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It might be confusing but trust me if you play a six man party, you would want to avoid that damn goblin forcing all your other character to make an irrelevant checks when your character , such as Amiri , can jolly well beat up that goblin with bare hands if need be 8).


Just try to play those chained cards on any character you wish to be involved in that check and the game will then do the check and if u succeed you can play the spell card, weapon cards et

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