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Deck 3 Legendary Sneak Peak and more!

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Hey everyone!


We got some exciting card to show you guys for Deck 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre!


Legendary Cards:


You all might be familiar with these 3 Legendary cards from beating all of the adventures on all difficulties.


R7neDhR.gif nkXctWU.gif 65labrC.gif


With 1.0.3 on the horizon, here is a sneak peak of the Legendary card for completing all difficulties for Deck 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre!




Promo Cards:


If you purchased the bundle, you'll have access to these cards! As each deck gets released a new promo card comes along with it. So if you want to get access to these cards, make sure to grab the bundle for $24.99!


zc79Pzo.gif GqCGuW8.gif 3hDJrMZ.gif


Deck 3 Promo card the Horsechopper! This is great for your characters who aren't proficient with weapons!




Just for completing Adventure Deck 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre, you get to unlock this awesome loot card! The Wand of Enervation!



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Whoever designed/selected this card has my commendations. Long have I bemoaned the lack of good ranged weapons in Runelords, specifically the fact that you never get any in loot. This bow fills a big hole for Merisiel and Harsk, and it's great in the upcoming adventure to boot. Well done!

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Update the post with another card! This time its a promo card!


Whoa...  So there's a penalty for PROFICIENCY?!?!?  "If you've had formal training, you're screwed.  This danged thing doesn't make ANY sense."

"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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