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so I had a thought about this build. could I somehow be more stealthy? what I am getting at is you stealth in close to a mob and wham.. corrode spell and watch em melt.. maybe even toss a nice melty trap right before you get to them? well would like to try this solo is why I thought of the stealth. But as I have been playing further into the game am liking some of the other team mates ..laughs... so will stay the course for now maybe when I have completed my first playthrough will try something with more stealth. Even now with 0 stealth am able to get pretty close, drop a posion trap an then watch em burn to my spells. granted am only on act 1. Will just have to learn how to place myself at the start of battle. don't want to melt a team mate. gets messy. and this build rock. just so you know. one other thing... any suggestion for the bonus talents. after I choose the knights for the skin perk? And till I can get the Wodewys been using that stiletto that stuns and a basic shield.

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