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  1. Forgot to ask, any changes to stats for such a build ? I don't think I'm gonna need higher dex given deleterious, right ?
  2. This is the look I'm aiming for. I have figured out how to "transmogrify" appearances of items to other items through modding gamefiles, so I don't have to "cheat" to look good I'm in the process of figuring out how to also retexture Woedica's hood to match the armor much more closely, as well. I spend more time setting up the characters than actually playing the game T.T
  3. Yeah, I should've made myself more clear when I posted: I'm not looking to directly copy this build, as in, its tankiness or the poison immunity, but rather, make it a more "damage" oriented but still melee Corrosion/Poison/Disease wizard. The reason is, well, RP. I was going for a Death Knight-ish feel to it, or a melee Necromancer if you will. (yeah, I know Bleak Walkers, buuuut that's for a different thread, plus I've finished the game as a BW once already).
  4. This is a really old post, but since Boeroer is really active on the forums, I thought I'd post. I'm a Pale Elf wizard and will retrain to this, as it looks super fun. A few questions: Does the corrode talent work with the corrosive enchants on weapons? See where I'm getting at? Bittercut, maybe? Or, since I'll try it with a 2h instead, the corrosive lash enchant? Do you think it's gonna work with 2h or maybe Dual Wield? Any adjustments (the obvious aside) you'd recommend? Though, I'll admit, I'm not super into combat in this game (or any real time RPG of the genre) so I'm only playing on Hard, where that much optimization is not really needed. I just want my char to feel uber strong compared to the other party members
  5. Well, I'm actually counting the dialogue requirements. I could have missed one or two, but at the very beginning of act 3 this is what I have seen for Resolve (metagame spoilers): So I'd say 14 is pretty good, but 16 would get most of it. Notice that you can raise it with items (and food/potions?). Ah, the character I've made has 16 so I'm good then! I was worried because it wasn't 18. Thanks! (Also a fellow Bleak Walker )
  6. Well, I'm not planning to go completely without them, GM and Aloth I like and will definitely grab! Now that I think of it, it could also add to replayability, not taking all of them. Thanks a lot for the answers!
  7. This is my main issue with Durance. I know his story is quite valuable i terms of exposition, however, the spending time with the group requirement is putting me off, as I had plans for a custom priest of my own creation. Otherwise I could just pull off a bioware and keep him in the Stronghold and just do his quests here and there.
  8. Hello POE forums! How much in terms of story/content will I lose by using mostly custom companions? I made it to Caed Nua, and recruited all of them on the way and the only one that piqued my curiosity was Aloth. From meta-gaming a bit and reading forums and such, I think the only one who will interest me from the ones I haven't yet encountered will be the Grieving Mother. I'm using a self imposed limit of 4 characters so maybe Aloth, GM and 2 custom ones. Why? Because RP>Combat for me, and I also hate micromanaging companions. In any game that revolves around a party, I mostly control my character and leave the followers on AI if possible, or take as few as possible if not. I'm going to reroll anyways (mucked my attributes, whole different story). Also, on an unrelated note, how much resolve is needed to succesfully pass most of the checks? I find that resolve answers most of the time match my perceived character's personality.
  9. You can also use the console, if you don't mind losing achievements (Who cares anyways ?)
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