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Hello!  I started a thread about individual characters' strengths and weaknesses, which I'm happy to see has sparked some discussion.  I'd like to start a new discussion about party arrangement.  I play exclusively with 6-person parties, so that's what I'll be talking about, but feel free to talk about your own party of any size!


So, as I mentioned in my other post, my part of six looks like this:









So, we have one very strong melee weapon/armor user (Seelah) and one weaker one (Kyra).  We have an excellent ranged weapon/light armor user (Harsk) and a pretty good one (Merisiel).  Pretty much all the skills are covered, including the best Acrobatics, Stealth, Disable, Diplomacy (debatable), Arcane, Divine, Knowledge, Fortitude, Perception.  Only one missing is Survival, but Harsk is pretty solid, and Kyra's Wisdom is often a good substitute.


I like Lem and Lini as well, but I'm not sure who I'd swap out for either of these characters.  Maybe Lem for Seoni, and Lini for Kyra, but I think both of these would ultimately be a downgrade.

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My main party is similar to yours except that i am using Amiri instead of seelah. The reason is simply because i want to have each character having a d12 in a stat.

My secondary party consists of the other 5 members. They have a harder time clearing the adventures but i managed to keep them up with the main party.

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My Main party is

- Sajan monk to do thiefs work and do some punching

- Seelah, paladin to help in those scenarios where you lose blessings if you don't accuire boons or Are in other way Late in scedule. Also a healer.

- Lini, her animals Are just great, Also the Main healer of the croup.

- Seoni. The boom machine! She can just blast spell after spells. Just need some healing help From time to time...

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I did the tabletop in a group of Valeros, Harsk, Merisiel, Lini, Seoni, and Kyra. At the end of deck 3, our Kyra died and the player had stopped showing up, so we brought in a new player as Seelah. My job as Valeros was to kill monsters, particularly villains. I did run into troubles of having my hand full of weapons and not finding monsters. My ability to add 1d4 to other combats was rarely used, since 6 had us spread out to close locations. Harsk provided some good scouting help, and his d4 combat boost was VERY useful. Merisiel was great to throw at any barrier heavy locations, and could usually fight well. Lini started off slow, but became a powerhouse with her animal companions and spells, including when we needed healing. She also had knowledge, divine, and survival, all very useful skills. Seoni had a habit of burning through her deck (and burning through monsters). She also got the role of villain killer, able to dump a lot of dice into combat, particularly with the blessing of Pharasma. I can't say a lot about Kyra because I don't think her player used her the best. Seelah, on the other hand, was awesome. She was able to get the blessing of Iomaedae, which she could recharge when she used, and her deck was packed with spells and blessings that she would recharge when she added her d6. She made my Valeros look redundant. She didn't always have a weapon, but she didn't need one.


My group for the mobile game is Seelah, Amiri, Sajan and Ezren (along with Lem, I'd run them through a bit of the tabletop as The Leftover Brigade, but resetting decks between my solo play and playing with my group was a pain).

Seelah- Awesome, as I mentioned above, plus actually has the divine skill.

Amiri- I considered both her and Seelah for the tabletop, but was concerned about running out of weapons, which is why I ended up with Valeros. I also worried about her bury a card for +d10. Having gone through, I've got a much better feel for card management. Good, tough fighter.

Sajan- Lots of support with blessings, but I have to be careful about being too stingy on his combat rolls. Looking forward to his eventual role card.

Ezren- Seoni was neat to watch, but she was limited in her spell range. Ezren doesn't have that problem He may not have the automatic recharge, but he's very good at it as is. And it's just nice having someone with a d12 intelligence and knowledge.

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I'm somewhat conflicted what arcane caster to take. I do like Seoni's ability to turn any card into an arcane spell, even if that means discarding. However Ezran has so many spells that he'll always have one on hand, and once he gets bonuses to recharge rolls he recharges spells nearly as certainly as Seoni.


What I don't like about Seoni is that she is Charisma-based and only has d6 for intelligence, with no bonus for knowledge checks. That leaves several locations for which I don't have a good character to close it. And I don't really need the Charisma, as I already have Seelah in the party, who I prefer to the other "tanks" due to his ability to go through a location deck faster.


I'm currently playing with Ezran in my quest mode group, which solves my problem with Intelligence-based locations. But there is the drawback of him not having any blessings in his deck.

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An easy shorthand for me to decide the Ezren vs Seoni question is to simply base it off of party size. Ezren is better in large parties, where his lack of blessings is masked by the group and his free extra explorations are more relevant. Seoni is better in small parties, where time is abundant and having blessings to actually succeed at stuff is more vital.

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My 2 cents, between seoni or ezren its ezren for me hands down always, unless the criteria demands a skirt wearing spell caster ;)


Whether you like to blow through a game blazing fast or like to deep hunt for treasure , there's always a place for a trailblazer like ezren who can more than hold his own vs ogre or villains. The larger the party the more you will appreciate ezren who's giving time for rest of party to dig that bit of treasure elsewhere. It says a lot when I think he's shading it ahead of seelah in terms of location clearance even before haste and sipe comes into play.


The other bit of business he has an edge over seoni is that his attack spells nearly doesn't run out if you mix in a fair proportion of them in his repertoire. A fair size party might inadvertently have a member or 2 bumbling into a goblin or zombie horde in the same round and seoni might have expend her life energy to channel arcane blast more than you'd fancy without trips to a healer. Ezren never stops flinging his and I could count on my hand the number of times he's out of spells and it's usually after a sordid run of horde after horde.


I'd notice even when there's only seoni in a party the locations throws up variants that require intelligence check for closure. It's just handy to have the brainiest guy out there manning that spot

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I'll put my 2 cents on this...


For me:

- Max 6 party is better (but not to achieve victory by the 30 blessing limit) to grind cards.


- Merisiel is a must for scouting but needs cures. (Spyglass, Kohl... Ilsoari, Shalelu)

- Ezren is a regular spellthrower that keeps his life well. (Detect Magic, Damage Spells)

- Seoni is a machinegun of cards that needs cure. (Augurys, Haste, Web)

- Valeros the slow but sure enemy cleaner. (Weponz & Armourz)

- Lini with animal companions and dice support. (Crows, Improved Aid, Find Traps)

- Kyra the overall healer. (Cure, Holy Light, Impaler)


Despite this config, they all can deal pretty damage.



- Also, start game with 3 Cure, and upgrade blessing card number and proficiency with weapons&armour. Max their highest Dice (D12) skill to recharge well.

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