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How to sync progress between two iPads?



I played through the first two adventures on my iPad Air 2 and then installed Pathfinder on my older iPad 3 to continue playing while I am travelling next week but my character progress, decks, etc haven't synced. All of my gold carries over, as does my daily gold activation now that the new patch came out but nothing related to my game progress has carried over.


I've tried exiting, restarting the app, uninstalling, etc. but no dice (haha). Any suggestions? Has anyone else successfully synced their game between two iPads?

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Hey guys,


Unfortunately we don't have a way to transfer save data between different devices. The only that gets stored between devices (as long as you are on the same account) are things you have purchased with gold and money. We plan on having such a feature in the future.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ouch, ok. Thanks for letting me know.


Out of curiosity when you say that this is a feature planned for the future do you think that means a month? 6 months? I'm trying to get an idea of how far I play right now vs when a patch may be released and I can hand off progress between my devices.


Thanks. It's a great game!

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At current, I don't believe so, since your purchase via Game Center and your purchase via Google Play Store create separate accounts at PlayFab, which is where your purchased/gold/etc are stored.  I believe they said they want to have this capability in the future, but there's no ETA on that.

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