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NPCs won't attack me



In several quests, when the NPC says something in obvious anticipation of attacking, they then don't.  I'm on a Two Story Job now, for instance, and I go into the hideout, tell the guys to give me the letter, they tell me it was a mistake to come there, but instead of attacking, like they're clearly supposed to, they just sit there.  It's happened on several quests now.  I can usually manually click on each guy, kill him, and move forward with the quest, but that's not so much fun.  Random encounters with mobs still work (in dungeons, etc.), but quest mobs won't attack me. 


Can anyone help?

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Hey actuseus73,


I just responded to a similar post (Forum Link). If you could attach you save file and output.log it would help out a lot. We have a programmer looking into this and we hope to get a fix in a future patch.


I got your back


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