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I got an issue with quest-NPCs not turning hostile after dialogues,



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I have the exact same issue with my current game.  The same thing applies if I try to attack a friendly NPC, they won't turn hostile.  I caused the bug to happen when I was doing the Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 11(or at least this is the first time it happened).  I attacked the passive spores in the NE section because I've had issues in the past where I needed to exit and rest, and that group was alive and hostile blocking my way.  They never turned aggressive on me, and everything since has been broken.

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Hey Mickebob,


I'm running around with your save file and haven't run into any NPC's 'not' beating me up. Do you remember a specific instance that I can run to?


We got this



[Edit] Nevermind found some. I got an output.log and I'll get a bug, hopefully we can get a fix in for a future patch. 

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