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currently playing on my nexus 7 tablet.


playing offline solo as merisiel.


defeated bruthazmus in the goblin fortress.  went to close the location (summon and defeat a goblin henchman).


failed to defeat goblin henchman.


ui opened to bury a weapon/item in my discard pile.  


it wouldn't recognize would i wanted to bury a boots of elvenkind.


so i closed the app, and restarted.  the autosave feature had me back at the "which card to bury" prompt, but without the actual UI elements.   no other button/menu option works (vault, options, store, etc).


i can scroll around the map, but the cards in my hand, discard pile and character deck have disappeared.  


the "confirm teal" arrow on the right shows, but pressing it does nothing.

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I'm playing on the Ipad. I have the similar issue too. Look something like this?




I can't even start a new story mode now because that's jumbled up too.


yeah.  once i continue or enter this game state, nothing responds. so im forced to quit, and shutdown.  i started a new party to quell my pf fix.  it's a shame, i had spent a good part of that morning grinding out the other difficulties ={

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I'm having an identical issue. I was in the middle of taking damage from a check, put my ipad mini 3 down for a minute to answer the door, then came back to it a while later and got the same frozen screen. If I close the app, I can open it again, log in, buy things from the store, etc, but as soon as I try to do story mode I'm back to this screen. I assume reinstalling the app would fix things but I don't want to lose my progress.

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Hey everyone!


This is a known issue and we are looking into it. As Hannibal suggested, that would be the work around. Before you do so, it would be super helpful if we could get a save folder from you guys who are experiencing this. Please use Dropbox, Sendspace, etc, to link the file.


  1. Connect the Android Device to your PC.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and open the device
  3. Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files
  4. Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC
  5. Zip and send!

Thanks a bunch!

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The workaround Hannibal suggested actually didn't work for me as the new party screen was also frozen. What worked was: (1) quitting the app; (2) reopening the app; and (3) redoing the tutorial. At the end of the tutorial it prompted me to create a new party (in a non-frozen screen) and I was able to populate it with experienced characters so I didn't lose progress. The only problem with this is that it no longer tells me that my characters have completed the scenarios they previously completed.

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