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When does a soul enter a child? (spoiler)

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The main story is about a sect who steals the souls of unborn children in order to revieve a god.


In the game you see often what happens to the soul after death (The main char can see and manipulate souls that remain in the world).


But when and how does a sould enter a child?

- at birth?

- at fertillisation?

- at some point somewhere in between?

- Its a process that happens over some period of time?


In the game I have seen many souls leaving a body. I see several examples how an existing soul is transferred into a new body (all "golems", some statues and the results of some necromancers).

But I never see how a soul enters a body without actions of people (means without science or magic in a broader sense).


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I would think that it would enter before birth.  The way the Legacy worked means that they would have had to have been non-stop biawacs otherwise.  (Unless the Legacy cleared the area of souls so that there were none to enter when the child was born).  On the other hand, I vaguely remember the Grieving Mother shaping the soul of mother and child, but I could be wrong.


Of course, all of that's in the game.  Souls don't exist in real life.  

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Good question!  If before birth you'd think animancers would be able to detect whether the baby would be hollowborn or not before birth, and yet the Dwarf animancer in Gilded Vale never mentioned trying to determine this or even considering trying.  Yet at the sometime it kinda implies that the soul is there beforehand, via Grieving Mother and the like, though less 'connected' maybe?  Maybe it slowly connects to the body over the pregnancy, and animancers can't detect the soul until the connection gets stronger?  Complete theorycraft, I have no idea.

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