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I am having difficulty in opening the door that  requires a phrase be spoken  obtained after talking to the spirits. I do not have the option to say " I am a servant/hate Od Nua etc" which is what is required. Is there a particular order you have to speak to the spirits? I assume the one that drops dead is not important but the other two talk about the door but after the conversation I cannot get the menu that includes "I am a servant etc." Do I have to speak to every spirit I come across (assuming they want to chat?


Obviously I am doing something wrong!



Help pls! 

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Have been in the same boat. And I still don't know what exactly I had to to.


But this is what I did, to progress further:

I have checked the map here.

Took a run between spirits 1 and 6 and tried to speak with them. It didn't help. After that :

- made a run between them again

- traversed full level, from left to right, like through a graph; and made sure to enter in each room

- spoke again to both spirits

And strangely, I've finally got the extra chat option for the door. 

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There are 4 spirits, pls confirm. I have spoken to all four. One died. One where I found the refined adra, he did not seem overly interested to talk to me. One working on the broken machine and one near the secret wall. I have spoken to both of these, and gone back and forth between them (all 3), but I still do not have the password!



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