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[bug]Entering Heritage Hill Tower - unending Loading screen



I am entering the Heritage Hill Tower for the 1st time, opening the door with the passphrase given to me by the Leaden Key Acolyte.

After pressing continue (second and only option after selecting the first one) I get passed into the loading screen for the tower level.


This screen went on for several minutes before I decided to Alt-F4 (ESC doesn't bring up the main menu) the Game.

After reloading the Savegame and entering again the same happened.

I decided to do some other sub-quests in Heritage Hill and return then - but even then the loading screen did not come to an end.

So far I seem to be stuck on this quest (Undying Heritage).


I am using the latest Version (v3.02.1008) of Pillars with the White March 1+2 extensions.



** hope I am in the right forum for bug reporting - please set it right if I misplaced this.

** Also I can't seem to upload my Savefile since it is close to 2MB and goes above the 1MB limit.

** Splitting the big File up with 7Zip results in Files that are not permitted for upload.

** Changing the postfix for the files to zip would have worked, but it seems the total size limit for all files is 1MB.... so I would need to do multiple posts to submit the savegame...


*** sorry for posting in the wrong forum ^_^!

This is of course not steam beta, but download from GOG. I feel stupid now.


**** added output log - grows steadily while in loading screen


since the log shows some serialization issues / version issues, I think I should elaborate a bit on the order of updates.

I've started playing this playthrough on White March 1 update and quested the northern areas outside of Defiance Bay until around level 5.

A couple of days ago I did update to the current White March 2 and entered Defiance Bay for the first time.


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You can use a site like www.sendspace.com or www.dropbox.com  to share files too big to be attached.


I could enter the tower using your savegame. But I'm running the Steam version. Maybe something has gone wrong with the GOG patches?

I've come to burn your kingdom down

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Interesting.. I will try to reinstall the Game from scratch. Hope the Savegame will work then.

I've also attached the Error log which shows some conflicts during ressource loading.




Yes - after Repairing the GOG Installation the Error went away and the Level loads as intended.


First time for me that an Error of this type was resolved by repairing the files.

On Steam corrupt installations normally don't even start correctly, so I didn't think about this sollution.



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