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Heya brothers,



So, back on the topic of dump stats; I came to a realization yesterday.


If one wanted to build a support, summon-focused Chanter, one could choose static chants (dull the edge, stumble over words, sure handed illa, damage shield...)  that do not benefit from Might whatsoever, and dump the stat entirely.


And I do mean, entirely, like, a Wild Orlan (for the defensive passive) would go :

- 2 might

-18 con

- 3 dex

- 17 per

- 18 int

- 20 resolve (origin)


The 2 might lists: -24% damage/healing , that's right, a mere 1/4 malus for a whole 8 stats points put elsewhere.



On topic, does it not sound ludicrous that my Orlan could actually wear full plate armor ?


Surely not many people would wish to dump Might that hard, however with the plethora of +might buffs available, the option certainly has some appeal.



Either way,  the build sounds viable enough on paper.



Discuss ;)

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^ Hmm, I dunno, there are at least 3 melee chanter builds...

- CC-Tank (wild-orlan): it's the one presented by dam in the first post (although I'd take 19 int/19 res). Small but sturdy. With small/medium shield. It is focused around buffing/debuffing chants (besides those mentioned there is also the very-useful fire lash), cc scrolls and invocations.

- Fort-Tank (moon godlike): 19/15/4/3/19/18. Heavy tank with a heavy shield. Buffing chants, buffing scrolls, summoning invocations. Can potentially hold enemies engaged better than low-might tank, if AI does indeed have a check for disengagement cost (i.e. damage they would receive). Also, unlike previous, this build will allow you to use the White Worms invocation, provided you have also a wizard in party. Paralyze would drastically reduce enemies' reflex so chanter's low per won't be an issue. And petrify into worms would be even better for the x2 damage.


- Boeror's Drake Ambassador (aumaua or fire-godlike):  21/10/3/16/18/10. This is a front-line dps build, based on Dragon chant. It can offtank a little, but it is mostly a sup-dps. More info here.



On topic: cc-tank is okay, as long as you pack him with few paralyze and confuse scrolls. Someone (with high int and per) has to cast them anyway :)

I was considering this build too. Although I am not sure how well he will keep enemies engaged.

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Well the Drake's Ambassador was one of my two full tanks - and he was sturdy enough. :) Of course not tanky enough for dragons, but who besides paladins is?

Eder :)(he ran out of health only once, on Radiant Spore)


Btw, I am running Kana as 2nd tank. He's good in 95% of encounters. But still... it's just 10 base res and 12 con (similar to Ambassador) I can't for example leave him alone 1x4. And of course not letting him even come close to the dragons.

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I'm currently going through the game with a chanter mercenary, 14 con/14 res, specced defensively. Don't you find chanter's health a little bit underwhelming? I like to minimize number of rests, and frequently I have to put him in the backline because he gets low on health after several encounters, while Pallegina and Eder are all right. Of course, he can still shoot arbalest and spam spells from items xD

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Well the Drake's Ambassador was one of my two full tanks - and he was sturdy enough. :) Of course not tanky enough for dragons, but who besides paladins is?

I dunno, chanters can get insane defenses. Yeah if they get hit they are in trouble but nothing short of a dragon should give them problems. And to be honest paladins dont even do that well against dragons. I mean its not like the paladin is going one on one. Its more a case of using scrolls and some cheese to keep them alive.

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MIGHT is a good idea even if you don't use the damage chants or invocations simply because it affects healing. High might (and INT) combined with talents like veterans recovery and memories (and a healing multiplier) provides much more endurance than high CON. Also, it is not like a chanter has any other worthwhile talents since the offensive ones are not needed.


Extra damage is just the cherry on top. Because of the plate and maxed out high defenses, burst damage is not a concern, which is the primary argument for high con over high might, in regards to total endurance.


I feel like high con got a lot worse, relative to might, in patch 3.0 since healing abilities/skills/items/talents were buffed so much across the board.

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