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I'm in white march 2 and now realized I missed a BUNCH of ingots.


I can't seem to go back to the durgan mines to get the 8 from the cart, or the others there.


1.  Is there a way to console in durgan iron ingots.  I've tried and haven't gotten it to work


2.  Is there a way to AreaTransition to the durgan mines if I've started WM2?


Is there any other way to get the ones I missed?

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AddItem px1_durgan_iron_ingot X


where X is the number of ingots you want to summon via console.


Or, which would be a lot quicker, FreeRecipesToggle and you enchant the gear you want to enchant.

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If I remember correctly you have to console "px1_durgan_iron_igot_refined X". If you forget the _refined, you will have to travel to the White Forge and transform the  normal" iron ingots to refined ones first - which is kind of... not so smart? ;)

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