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Anyone else a bit let down by the druid's two tiers of final spells?

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I mean you have all these classes getting great stuff like sacred immolation, concelhaut's crushing doom, defensive mindweb/time parasite, storm of holy fire (I really love this one saved my butt so many times)


Yet the druid seems to get boring summons like the timed slow moving ooze summons, nature's bounty which is just frankly uninspired giving an item in every slot, weather the storm (another uninspired spell) +15 DR to elements for a short time...


Then part 2 comes along and I'm expecting greater spells and it's


Avenging storm which is ok but relentless storm is already doing the stun thing better and it's melee only pretty useless to ranged, another summon that doesn't seem to deal much damage and is limited by time and the tornado which is a terrible spell that often comes right back to your party to mess your day up. It would have been better if it was foe only. Doesn't even deal that much damage and calling the world's maw prones for more time and both are vs fortitude.


That and druids only got 3 spells per the final two tiers which mages got a bunch of fun stuff to play with like that wall of many colors which is pretty great and 4 spells each.


Well I know they have their uses but it felt like a letdown to me

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I suspect avenging storm on stag druid to be the lolest combo of the game.


Primordials from level 7 seems to be good meat shield. Ice ooze triggers petrify on death.

My main problem with druid summon is that they are random.


Nature's bounty is good but frankly annoying to use.


Basically druid tier are not equal :

Tier 1, 4, 5 are awesome.

Tier 2, 3, 6, 8 are ok.

Tier 7 is not very good.


A single very basicacid storm at level 7 would have been nice. It seems that the devs thought druid should not been nukers anymore at high level.

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Druid spells are quite meh in general IMO, they're basically a mix between mage's offensive and priest's supportive/defensive ones without being very good at either. The passive storm ones are great but take ages to cast.


Wizard's shiniest spells feel to be the mid - mid-high ones. Shadowflame is so bonkers you basically need nothing else.


Priest gets a metric ton of resurrection, with the various immunities being spread out they have solid spells all over.


Overall I'd rate the WM spells bonkers/10 for priest, redundant/10 for wizard* and mehhh/10 for druid.


* = (yes, I know shadowflame a WM spell but it's only level 4)

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Do you suppose they gave the druid a little less effective spellbook (than the mage or priest) becuase the druid also gets spiritshift (for what it's worth)??

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Do you suppose they gave the druid a little less effective spellbook (than the mage or priest) becuase the druid also gets spiritshift (for what it's worth)??


Shapeshift would be nice if it didn't make all the bonuses from gear the druid has disappear. Range is preferred for most high level fights on PoTD as well.


In fact I'd be content if that tornado tier 8 spell just stayed fixed in place for a duration and not move all over the map at the very least.

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Yes, druid high level spells are disappointing and even if we don't compare them with wizards who are omnipotent by design.


Tornado - The biggest offender. It's a lvl4 spell, at best. If i were to change it i'd make it bigger and periodically prone and damage enemies. Damage per strike would be lower than it is now. Tornado would generally stay in place but because nature is wild it would be randomly and slowly moving.


Avenging Storm - It's purpose is not to stun, guys, but to damage. Stun is there because that's what a thunder does. Spell is good if used with spiritshifting, because of fast attack speed.


Fire Stag - I heard this spell is all about a fire trail. I put it to a test. I picked a fight where fire trail should really shine: a big bunch of low level undead. And to be honest it didn't do much. Disappoining.


Primordials - I really wish i could choose type of creatures i summon. Same wish applies to blight summoning. It's a bit too savescam happy ATM and we know well it does not fit Obsidian design goals. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think druid summon spells had no duration, but now they do ):


Bounty - Good buff, at least if you have no priest in your party, but inconvenient to use. In addition to what it does now it could simply apply the buff once it's cast. Another problem is you need to have empty item slot to get a Bounty potion so it needs to compete with other potions.


Weather the Storm - i often complain about very short durations of spells in PoE and this one is amongst the worst. 10s duration while wizard's lvl 2 Bulwark has 60? Sure, Weather is AoE but there is whooping 5 lvl difference to justify this.

Vancian =/= per rest.

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Primordials is probably the best of the new Druid Spells.  The oozes have a lot of resistances, so they can off tank that extra surprise group for you.  I had a hard time with tornado, most bosses have substantial resistance to prone, and the AoE is wide enough that it's fairly difficult to avoid your party.


Some of the new wizard spells are awesome.  The best of which is Wall of Many Colors.  Wall of Many colors is great for boss fights, because it keeps creating status effects over long term.  I was repeatedly charming the ardra dragon and using her to tank her adds.  Wall of draining is decent.  The AoE blasts are okay.  Ningauth's bolt is nice, even if I never got the phantom to trigger.


Priest spells are great.  Storm of Holy fire and Resurrection were in my heavy play list.  Watchful guardian had a hard time triggering.  

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