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[3.02 Beta] Bestiary inaccurate on PotD High



Expected behavior:

the bestiary entries should show the correct values no matter the difficulty setting.



a discrepancy between the in-game values and the bestiary entries.



I was looking at the stats of certain creatures, and I noticed the defenses in the bestiary are not the same I see while I play.  
I suppose is due to the high level modifiers.

This is inconvenient. Unlike "Defenses", visible in game, I can't know if and how much you changed the other attributes.



Eyeless Hammer
in game:
120 def / 145 for / 91 ref / 97 wil
109 def / 128 for / 74 ref / 80 wil

in game (frightened):
102  def / 161 for / 101 ref / 71 wil
93 def / 144 for / 88 ref / 58 wil


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