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I know Voice of the Mountaintop was not really working correctly as of patch 1.4, but it still doesn't look like it has changed as of patch 3.01.

it does not measurably increase chant radius at all.

anyone have different experiences with it?

otherwise, I will resurrect the previous bug thread from a year ago that the devs ignored.


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Yes - for me it increases the base radius by 20% - at least when I tested it with two chanters in a 3.0 game. Remember: It doesn't increase your current AoE radius (with INT bonus and all), but the base radius. Same with a ring (or other item) with Overseeing. But you can note the difference when you stand still, hover over the chant icon and see the radius, then take off the amulet and see again. Together (ring + amulett) you will have a 30% increase of the base AoE radius. If you also max INT and wear +INT items you will get a really big AoE.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I have just checked it.

Chant area of [20 int + that medallion] is definitely bigger than that of just 22 int, and just slightly less than that of 23 int.


For the record +20% chant area should correspond to +3.33 INT.


P.S. Just would like to clarify: radius of inner (base) circle is not increased. The radius of outer one is. By a percentage of the base value.

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Right - good that you point that out. If it would increase the base radius that would be waaay more powerful. :)


It just works like more INT basically. Same with Overseeing.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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