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Bug with ranger's Wounding Shot



The raw damage part of the wounding shot shouldn't be affected by the DR of the target. Right now shooting against a high DR target means also very low raw damage.


The wounding part is basically a 100% raw "lash". Lashes are calculated against DR/4 when they are physical/elemental. Raw "lashes" should be calculated against 0DR. Right now Wounding Shot damage is affected by the full DR, which isn't right.

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Thank you for the answer, however here's an example showing why I still consider the actual implementation flawed...


We can see a paladin using Flames of Devotion (50% burn damage) with Enduring Flames talent (50% burn damage over time) and Runner's Wounding Shot (80% raw damage over time). To the left is Flames of Devotion damage and to the right is Runner's Wounding Shot damage. Contrary to what is expected the lowest damage comes from the wounding part, while the burning parts are both higher than the pierce damage...


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