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Quick Item disappearing when saving/loading



Hello Obsidian team,


the bug I encountered is as follows:

After leaving the cave at the start of the game, I looted Heodan's body and put the Potion of Minor Regeneration I found on him in my quick item slot. I then saved. When reloading said save, the potion is gone from the quick items and is nowhere else to be found either. This is reproducible and occurs both with quicksaves/-loads as well as manual ones.

Here is a linked zip file file with a save where I haven't looted his body yet and one that I made after looting and putting the potion into the quick item slot. That second save obviously will have the potion missing. It also includes the output log file as well as DXDiag.

I hope the information is sufficient and that you can find as well as fix the bug.


Thank you for an amazing game. :)

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Hey Zecleaner,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. I loaded up your saves and everything turned out a-okay. I did notice quite a few errors in your log, so try verifying your game cache as see if that clears up your issue. In your Steam library, right click PoE > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.



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Hi Aarik,

thanks for the nice welcome. :)

I'm a bit surprised to read it worked fine for you since I tried it multiple times with different save games and had the same result every time. Mind you, the problem does not occur anymore so far, so I was assuming it might have to do with the area I was in or something. I had tried the game cache verification to see if that fixes it, but it didn't help at that point.

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