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[1.03] Is this a bug or not? (Spoilers)



It just occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, it's just a matter of someone not thinking hard enough about it, or no-one ever reporting it. It's been discussed before, but always as an oddity, not as a bug. So I thought we could actually use a report on it.


This is a link to another thread, with heavy spoilers. Enormous spoilers, in fact, nobody go there if you haven't completely finished the game.


The potential bug is really similar to the well-known Sagani bug, where Sagani talks about a name that she (or anyone in the group) should not know yet. But is it a bug? I'm not sure that it is. It's not really a faulty trigger, as much as faulty writing, and strings would actually have to be re-written, and the trigger moved to later in the game, somewhere else.


Either way, I really think that someone should take a look at it and make the call. This goes beyond a narrative gripe or odd leap of logic, I think.

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