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detonate bug?



in the past we got very little use from cipher's detonate.  powers that target endurance tend to be low on our list o' options as foe fortitude is typically higher than other defenses.  even so, we have been using more o' late-- is a nice way to kill mobs and get our monk some wounds. 


the thing is, the secondary damage from detonate is counting towards focus build.  whatever damage the initial detonation causes to surrounding enemies gets counted towards focus, which can send focus to the max in the blink o' an eye.  


amplified wave is no longer generating focus for us, so is a different issue.


is not a huge exploit (if it is an exploit) as is of limited usefulness. need actual get the near death and low endurance foe to explode while surrounded by additional foes.  the short range o' detonate is also a serious drawback.  works great 'gainst vithrack(sp?  the floating, telepathic, spider beings) and a few o' the spell casting primordials, but at least in potd, most critters got extreme fortitude that is limiting our exploitation. 


regardless, this feels like a bug.


HA! Good Fun!

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