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Xp still unbalanced ?

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at moment im just zoned in durgan's battery half way through first hall and my full team reached level 14.


through all classic content i played only with customs who was usually 2k exp behind me +, and just got the rogue/barbarian companions in white march.


i did 9/12 bounties in vanilla POE, and 14/15 caed levels completed. 3/4 in burial island.


i feel the xp i still quite unbalanced. imagine someone palying with 5 companions and completing the quests for each companion? they would hit level 14 even earlier before entering the battery.


pretty much a demotivator, if u no has expension 2, still bit of a way to end of part 1 but already level caped.lame...


i dunno how is exp in expension 2, and noticed the xp to reach levle 15 from 14 is bit bigger cap...but without askign for spoilers i got awful feeling i will hit levle cap again before end of exp 2...





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I may have dreamt, but i thought XP was nerf in some previous patch. It's still not enough? Still need to find a way to reduce it even more in order not to hit the level cap in act 2 or 3? I ask because i'm a bit concerned about it: now that the White March II is out, i plan on resuming my playthrough, and i would hate to hit the level cap this early in the game.

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