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Unity 5 performance is terrible



I don't know if it's because of White March Part 2 or the upgrade to Unity 5, but load times and general performance is terrible at the moment.  I assume it's due to Unity 5 since the game seems to start loading assets as they appear/are used, resulting in horrendous slowdowns until the assets are loaded into memory.  Entering new areas, for example, tends to make this especially apparent.


What's especially weird is despite that the engine seems to try to load things on the fly, the load times I've been experiencing are at least twice as long as they were before the engine upgrade.

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I'm not sure when it happened (after installing WM1 or after updating  to 3.0) but the initial loading of a play session is horrendously slow (more than 1 min). In the past the first load was still bad, but not as bad as now. My PC is not a pushover by any means. The other save/loads are not as fast as expected either, but they remain however in the lower zones of acceptable.

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