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Graze (x0.5) 10 Raw Damage Affliction?

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One of my NPCs seems to be afflicted with something which isn't going away after rest.  You can see what I'm talking about here:


post-49053-0-34288600-1456248161_thumb.jpg  post-49053-0-20989400-1456248168_thumb.jpg


The white box to the right of Durance's image is the apparent affliction.  I've camped twice already, as well as rested at an inn, but that thing doesn't go away.  He shows full health and endurance.  There are a few anomalies on his character sheet, which I attribute to this affliction, as shown here:




What is this and how do I get rid of it?  I couldn't find any reference to this situation on the Wiki or the forums.



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Not sure if it will help. But try to substitute Durance with some other companion, while at an inn. Then rest. And take him back.

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That did it!  Thank you!  I didn't even need to rest.  I saved in between the swap, just for the hell of it.  I guess that was a bug then.  I'll report it to OBS to see if they want the saved game to investigate.


CORRECTION:  While that did get rid of the white affliction box, the stats have not returned to normal, even after resting.  I get the feeling this may be a bug, so I'm going to re-post in the tech support forum.

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Hey Skrige01,


Unfortunately we are finding this 'white boxes' in different places with different causes. We are trying to fix all of them, but the little buggers are not making it easy on us. If this happens again can you post in our Tech forum with your save file. Would really help us out.


Thanks in advance


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