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[3.0] Item/Equipment Sub-Hotbar is shot.



It exhibits a "sticky" behaviour not exhibited by any other sub-hotbar in the game.

This is easily tested by creating any character with spells or similar. If you press the Hotbar button for 1st-level spells, the 1st-level spell sub-hotbar opens up. But as soon as you do anything else, such as move your character, the sub-hotbar closes.

But if you so much as hover over the Backpack hotbar icon, the item/equipment sub-hotbar pops up and does not go away until you either change character, or open up another sub-hotbar.

Very inconsistent and annoying behaviour.

Edited by Luckmann


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Hey Luckmann,


Someone reported a similar issue about this about the hotkeys not working correctly about the item backpack. Its probably related, if not the same issue which I have written up already.


Heres the link:




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