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The White Forge Reward/Choice Bug



I completed WM Pt 1 several days ago prior to updating to 3.0. I selected the option to bind the souls to the forge, but with WM Pt 2 I am no longer seeing the 2 Ingot per Steel bonus of this choice?


The npc during the Defiance Bay trade agreement quest also incorrectly mentioned that I released the souls. The journal still shows me having chosen to bind the souls to the forge.

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Sorry for not responding sooner, but thanks for the followup. 


I still think there's a minor bug in Risk Tolerance when Nesta mentions releasing the souls instead of binding them? Could be mistaken, going off memory at this point.

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Hey everyone,


Could someone please upload a save file so I can take a look? 




Edit: This was a design choice, the conversion ratio is now 4:1 and if you bind them to the forge it becomes 3:1.

I don't know what's suppose to happen, but I'd expect at least for something to happen - or for someone to at least mention it. I'm pretty far along in that quest line (just forged hammer), and those spirits haven't even been mentioned once. And just like the post above mine says: Nesta mentions the exact opposite - that the spirits being released was probably the best choice.


Moreover, the conversion ratio was 2/1 for me before in Whitemarch 1 (Version 3.0) and I didn't change version. In fact, I played it yesterday. It's all a bit inconsistent.

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