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[v3.00.957 PX1-Steam] athletics still affects combat fatigue gain?



While clearing the Dyrford Ruins dungeon, I noticed my three 0 athletics characters (+1 from fletcher's stay) all got "minor fatigue" at the same time. It was much sooner than I expected, as the party had rested part way through the dungeon.


Is this a bug? The tooltip for Athletics doesn't mention anything about "combat fatigue gain" anymore. Maybe that code is still there? I had thought with the new heal, that the old effect of Athletics was gone. If this is intended, it would be good to document it on the tooltip.


(I used to always get 3 athletics on everyone, because I hate having to rest until spells/health is running low. And I try to conserve those so resting isn't too frequent.)

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Oooh, that's a good theory. Maybe it happened from crossing the chasm and I didn't notice it right away. So, does that mean Athletics still has a (hidden) +10% fatigue modifier? Or maybe the script penalizes characters with Athletics below a certain value?

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