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Blunderbusses seem to be in very short supply as quest rewards. How freely are they available from merchants?

There are a few available late-game, but by then you should've found enough to equip everyone who wants one with one anyway.




You'll find a few questing in Dyrford Village, and Twin Elms merchants stock them as well.



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Do you mean unique blunderbusses? Then what PJ said.



Ordinary blunderbusses can be bought in Defiance Bay. I think Sonild and the Doemenels have some. Maybe even the Crucible Knights.


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There's only two unique Blunderbusses in the entire game. Scon Mica's Roar which can be purchased from Rhanet at Hearthsong and the ever beloved Lead Splitter which is one of the possible rewards for the quest A Farmer's Plight.


If you want more lovely Blunderbusses, Fine and regular ones can be bought from various merchants in Defiance Bay in plentiful. Exceptional ones are trickier, as most of them IIRC are dropped by enemies in the White March and during some Bounty quests. I believe some of them can also be bought from Merchants, IIRC the Doemenals have some as well as the merchant in Stalwart.


You could alternatively just make your own Fine or Exceptional quality Blunderbusses since regular ones can easily bought. I would avoid making Superb due to the limited materials for those. It might be better to just enchant Scon Mica's Roar or Lead Splitter into Superb instead.

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