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[v3.00.929 PX1 Steam] Minor bug Item properties: *Missing itemmods 456*





Macos 10.11.3

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013)


I believe I receive the hat by completed the Task "Ferry Flotsam."


I completed two ways. Which gives two different properties to the Hat.


1. By killing the looters. I get the Hermit's Hat without the properties *Missing itemmods 456*



Hermit's Hat


Properties: Intellect +2



2. By lying to Peregund. I get the Hermit Hat with the properties *Missing itemmods 456*



Hermit's Hat


Properties: *Missing itemmods 456*

of intellect +2



Quitting the game and reloading the save after finishing the quest by lying to Peregund.

The properties change again, and permanently. I do not get *Missing itemmods 456*



Hermit's Hat


Properties: Immunity to Confused

+2 Intellect 


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