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I played the game (without white march part 1) and i liked it.


Sadly, i've noticed that the best dungeon is raedric's hold in the whole game.

There are different ways to break into the castle and there are many ways/paths to move and reach raedric.

I think, it's a great example of good level design.


Maybe the temple of skaen is non-linear too.


Other dungeons are tendentially linear.

Honestly, I found Od Nua boring and repetiitive. There is nothing to do except to kill thousands of trash mobs.


I don't know if there are non-linear dungeons in white march, but i hope that in future (expansions or PoE2) there will be more open dungeons (like raedric's hold).


These are just my thoughts.


P.S. Sorry for my english

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I agree that Raedric's Hold is the pinnacle of dungeoning in Pillars: interesting story with an unseen despot waiting for us at the end, many ways to enter/advance, secret passages, disguises, sub-plots... what's not to love?


I didn't mind the small dungeons/caves in the vanilla game (I'm exploring the WM right now), but for sure another pair of Raedric's Holds instead of some levels of the Endless Paths would have been welcomed!


I'm sure they've learnt a lot of lessons from their first PoE, and we are in for a magnificent sequel! :wub:

Edér, I am using WhatsApp!

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Yes Roderick Hold is most interesting dungeon with multiple paths and good background. It is also place which have some fallow up later in the game.


Durgan Battery is well done. That minighosts bought me.


Some other dungeons lack wow-factor, but this not mean they are bad. They are what player would expect.


There is little point in complaining about Endless Path since it is realisation of Kickstarter promise. Endless Paths also have some value to test our builds in combat without too much plot. After Defiance Bay that is variety. It also have some value as exploration on 1st walkthough. On 2nd and after there is less novelty, so it could get boring.

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I like Raedric's hold, especially the entry paths.  The beginning dungeon had solid design for a small dungeon, and I love parts of the Endless Paths.  The kobold xaurip sacrifice pit is one of my favorite moments of the game.  The Ogre level is pretty cool too, even if it probably should have been a little deeper.


However, one problem is how identical many of the encounters are.  The worst offender is probably the fampyr level of the Endless Paths and the temple of Skaen, but really the game is rife with it.  I know immunities have ameliorated some of this problem, and they're working on it (which leads me to thing PE2 will be even better).  In a game like this, where most fights require thought and care, the encounters should either be easy, or different.  The slave pens or planar prison in BG2 are great examples of thematic fights that are still quite varied.


I think this is solely an issue with creature placement, because the bounties show just how different and interesting the fights can be in this system.

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