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I've gotten quite curious about how differently people use and build the companion characters.  For instance, I usually use Durance as a back row caster and rifleman but I see some people have been using him on the front lines with shield and weapon, along with Hiravias (who I usually use as a second row-man).  This got me thinking how differently people build them even when they are using them the same way, and how they gear them out, and because I'm a nosey git I want to know! :p


So!  How do you build the companions and what gear do you stick on them?  Do you bind the Redeemer to Eder or to Pallegina?  Do you get Hiravias thrown face first at your enemies like a flying hairball of claws and spite or do you keep him prancing around at the back?  Are you a riposte-builder for Devil of Caroc or do you use her for spare parts?  My curiousity slavers to know!

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I usually spec Durance as a sword-and-shield support character, and rarely have a use for him beyond buffing my crew and debuffing my enemies. I give him a sword because he can get the +10 Accuracy bonus from his deity-specific talent, but I don't really use it except in cases of dire need.


Hiravias I spec as a melee shapeshifter and use that as his primary means of offense, mostly because I'm very much of a melee guy and because I like his Autumn Stelgaer form. I do make use of his spells when fighting mobs, however (but still resort to Spirit Shift when melee engaged.)


Zahua I spec like The Juggernaut build from KDubya.


Haven't really used Edér for a long while, but I guess I'd make him a dual-wielding DPS dude with sabres.


GM I usually spec as a generic ranged DPS character with either the soulbound hunting bow, or a war bow.

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I solo most of the time. ;P

But if I would play with companions prolly Pala PC tank + support.

Durance heal, buff and seals.

Kana, offtank + cheap chants and summons. ;P

Aloth wand, CC + AoE damage (main damager)

GM, same as Aloth with guns.

Zahua, Offtank + ability spam. ;P

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Sorry went to bed heh.  I was considering making Eder a dual-wielder for my next playthrough funnily enough, I usually have him sabre-shield and like with my current playthrough two-handed (currently equipped with the Redeemer).  Guessing people don't take the Defender ability when they go dual-wield?  I usually go two-handed for Pallegina but I do wonder if shield would be better for her as she seems rather fragile at times.  I find it amusing that Aloth and Sagani both seem to be used the same way by most people. :D

"That rabbit's dynamite!" - King Arthur, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

"Space is big, really big." - Douglas Adams

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PC: generally something with dps (cipher, druid, ranger) Wood Elf Gunslinger CIpher was my favorite

Eder: Sturdy DPS, 2h or dual saber, heavy armour. WM brings some good 2h weapons so it is way to go now.

Durance: Rifleman, however he mostly cast buffs, heals, so there is not so many shots fired

Kana: Tank, Weapon and Shield with Soldier Weapons, many toolbelt items, sometimes galant aura.

Aloth: Fire and Acid blaster with some CC.

Sagani: typical ranged ranger with a furry friend. Favour visious aim. Pistols, Cloudpiercer, Stormcaller most often weapons. Try to stack crits on her.

Pellegina: Shatterstar and Shield build with good rifle. More support build (heals, coordinated attacks). To be honest not sure if FoD are really worth it.

Devil: Ruffian dual wielding with pistols. Try to DPS with her no matter stats.

Hilvaris: Shock and Awe dps. Specing for dualwielding and shock wildstrike. But it ends with mostly casting.

Zuhaa: not using that often.

Mother: Aloth, or PC cipher/druid already fill the spot.


I probably play my party in most straighforward way, without any special fancy builds, oh well.

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