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Continuously spawning out of bounds of maps.



My character keeps spawning in weird places on maps where she shouldn't be able to spawn, sometimes even in the black void beyond the realm of these maps. I initially encountered this in Magran's Fork where my character spawned in the trees and I couldn't move, though other actions were still permitted. As I'm an avid solo ironman player there's no save to go back to so the 2 times this happened to me - and I haven't been able to quit and reload the game, which fixes the issues, but only sometimes - I've had to restart from the beginning.

   Only today it's constantly happening, so I looked it up and found out someone else was having the same issue and they were told to verify integrity of game cache. I did this and it snatched my character from the middle of nowhere and plopped her down right where she's supposed to spawn... However, every time I load into a new area it keeps happening, over and over again. It's the same spots on the same maps every time and I can never move my character. Sometimes quitting fixes it, other times it simply doesn't. It's getting to the point where it's unplayable which is a real shame.


I'm playing on steam, by the way.


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