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So, let's talk about magic items ...

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I remember there was some talk back then about PoE not having "as many cool magic items" as Baldurs Gate (and especially Baldurs Gate II). And while this is maybe true in terms of talking swords and flail of ages, I was surprised by the sheer amount of magic, special and unique items in this games. If we'd compare PoE to the first Baldurs Gate, the latter one would pale in comparison. And damn, there is some nice stuff to discover. I truely think, the devs outdid themselves in termes of names, lore and design, as far as the engine allowed. As the style-thread demonstrates, I'm not the only one thinking PoE-Items look amazing. 


So, what are your favourite item? I dug the Ravenwing-Flail from the Brackenbury-Sanitarium early on, 16 - 23 Damage, DR Reduction: 3 DR bypass

Damaging 3: x1.45 Damage Coordinating: x1.25 Damage and +4 Accuracy when attacking same enemy as an ally. It looked like something out of a Batman-movie. 
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I don't think that's quite the problem some of us (myself included) have been having with Pillars items. There are certainly a lot of them. The trouble is that many are effectively interchangeable; finding another unique item doesn't feel like much if the differences aren't all that big really. Another issue I've had is of presentation -- the way they're presented breaks down the special features into specific enchantments, and the crafting system lets you put a lot of those on them, which makes them feel more like Legos than Excalibur.


And finally, that the two supposedly-genuinely-unique items in the game -- a certain spear and a certain estoc -- aren't really all that special compared to what you can make yourself or find. There are plenty of Flametongue +2's, but no Carsomyr, Crom Faeyr, Flail of the Ages, or Celestial Fury. Nothing so good and so unique you'd build a character just so you could use it. I believe the Soulbound Weapons were introduced specifically to address these concerns.


That said, I've been enjoying the items a good deal more lately. Right now I'm crushing on the Marking weapons -- the ones that give +10 to an ally attacking the same target. In fact my goal is to build a party which uses all of them. My current unlikely favorite is the St. Garam's Spark pistol -- it's the Marking weapon that's the easiest to acquire, and one of only two such ranged weapons.

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I like the "structure" of enchantments and that you can put on your own improvements to a weapon. It would have been even better if you had a smithey in the stronghold which you could upgrade and so on - but I won't complain.


It would just be nice if there were more unique or special enchantments on unique weapons. They don't have to be super overpowered though - just different. We have some in the game: Stormcaller's DR reduction for example. Or the "Herald" and "Harbinger" enchantment on shields. I really like that sort of enchantments that are truly special so that you might want to build a char or even a whole party around it. 

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There is definetly not enouht talking swords :getlost:

As favorite weapon it would be Cloudpiercer, since the zapp factor is nice visually. It feels powerful.

There was a missing opportunity of some very cool weapons being just sold in local trader (not even elite one) or just lying around, blade of underground was rare exeption.

In v1 there was a problem of lack of trully epic weapons with legend and everything, but Soulbond weapon and G. helmet fixed that.

There is some potencial of cladhailat as a way to present the weapon. However it comes from very obscure dungeon.


I prefer high level of craftity since that avoids situacion of "Best weapons are Greatswords, so i will use one again".

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